23 thoughts on “Army Uniforms

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  2. I don’t want to be a burden, but the Romans request that our actual CPPS uniform replace the one you have up.

    If you can, use the uniform without the cape.


  3. I would change the IW, Tacos and WW uniforms to include shoes, and the HSA uniform to include shoes that are more suited to combat.

  4. By the way, PC me on ACP chat explaining how Tacos and IV were legendary. And would IMAF be considered a legendary army?

  5. That, in my opinion, doesn’t sound like a good reason to kill it. Plus, there were almost 45 registered names, so obviously people would’ve liked it. But I see what you mean, a CPPS where the only thing you do is have snowball fights doesn’t get too exciting, but then again, during the Color Wars people were battling NON-STOP on Mammoth. Plus, you could’ve advertised it throughout the Major army community (specifically on CPAC) to possible get more people.

    • And you could’ve had other things for people in any armies except the two that were currently battling could do, like the CPAC building in place of the EPF building with a computer that acts like the ones in real life, only being able to go to search and CP army sites, and minigames like the ones during the Star Wars party (only adding tanks in one of them and dressing the penguins in whatever army uniforms the player wanted). And maybe add spying on other armies and allies as well.

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